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Director and owner of Living Well, Ruth brings a wealth of experience to her holistic approach to good health. As a former physiotherapist and a registered nutritionist, Ruth’s approach is always supported by current research. Her time spent working as a public health practitioner has also been influential in her adoption of a whole person approach and her advocacy of mind-body medicine.

Ruth’s passion is working one on one with people who are experiencing or recovering from health challenge.

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Ruth focuses her work with clients around four cornerstones of good health - eating well, moving well, breathing well and sleeping well. These elements work synergistically to increase energy levels, optimise your natural “rest and repair” response, strengthen your immune system and enhance wellbeing.


Living Well is tailored to the individual and delivered one-to-one. Ruth offers a free initial consultation after which she will be able to recommend a plan to address your particular health needs.


Eating Well

The first step to optimal health is making sure that the food you eat is providing all the nutrition you need, without adding additional stress to your body. In this part of the programme Ruth looks at your current eating habits to assess how you can optimise the way you nourish yourself.

Food also brings comfort and connection - a holistic approach to eating well is not about giving up your favourite foods, but about fuelling yourself the best way you can.

Moving Well

Being active provides wonderful benefits for both body and mind. No matter your starting point, we will work together to develop a realistic plan to increase your strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness as well as helping you to feel and sleep better. This is quite likely to include elements of both Pilates and yoga which combine particularly well to improve both posture and body awareness.

Breathing Well

50% of people in the western world have developed poor breathing patterns. This can happen for a number of reasons including illness, stress and poor posture and it matters because dysfunctional breathing can leave you feeling constantly anxious and on high alert. We will assess the way you currently breathe and if necessary, teach relaxed abdominal breathing through simple tools and exercises, ensuring you can easily access a state of calm. 

Sleeping Well

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t something we tend to think about until it becomes a challenge. It is very normal to struggle with getting good quality sleep, perhaps from the effects of medication, anxiety, or treatments such as chemotherapy. Specific sleep techniques and habits can help you achieve quality rest.

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Relaxation massage

Cording & scar tissue massage

Massage therapy is a powerful, gentle and drug-free way to increase circulation, relieve tension or anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation. The healing power of touch has been understood for centuries and can be particularly beneficial following hospitalisation or uncomfortable medical treatment. $50 for 30 minutes. $90 for 60 minutes.

For those experiencing cording (axillary web syndrome) after breast cancer treatment, or any scarring issues after surgery, targeted massage therapy can help. $50 for 30 minutes. Includes home management programme. 


“I only wish I’d found Ruth earlier!  While undergoing treatment for breast cancer at 40 years old, I became obsessed with researching what I could do to reduce my risk of recurrence.  My obsession grew after I’d completed active treatment, and I found it very overwhelming being left to flounder on my own after being signed off by oncology.  Ruth is a fountain of knowledge, and was able to help me out and give me focus (particularly around nutrition) without me having to sift through all of the scare tactics that are so common on Dr Google.  She was very thorough with reviewing my blood work and giving me recommendations to discuss with my GP.  Ruth was also very flexible with adapting the sessions for me personally, given my main concern was nutrition and I was already very active.  If I’d found her earlier, it would have saved me hours of research and kept me sane for longer!  I found my time with her very valuable, and also relaxing.  She has a way of explaining the science in a way that put me at ease in her hands. She is a real gem.” - Hayley

"Ruth is a compassionate, smart and thoughtful person to have in your corner if you’re trying to untangle a complex mess of body/mind issues. She has been amazing for me and keeps things from feeling overwhelming." - Maria

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Like to know more before committing to the programme?

We offer a free 30-minute phone call or Skype so you can feel confident making your decision.

Follow up sessions

After completing your initial programme you may decide you want to progress further, have questions that you need answered, or need a sounding board to discuss additional lifestyle changes. We are always available for additional consultations, whether these are one-off or regular.

   Reg. Nutritionist (NZ)    Certified Pilates Instructor

For more information or to book an appointment contact:

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Ruth Zeinert (B.Phty, PGDipSci)

e:     m:  029 971 7036